Optics delivers news and information tailored to the fiber industry. From interviews with experts and thought leaders to researched articles on trends and topics affecting our members, the Optics content hub will serve as your go-to source for industry news and information.

Our weekly e-newsletter—Optics Weekly—aligns with the look, feel and mission of the Optics content hub. Click here to view an archive of the Optics Weekly newsletters.

Optics features five sections, each with its own focus: 

  • Regulation and Policy: highlights key policy, regulatory and legal issues impacting fiber deployment
  • Impact dives into how broadband connectivity is shaping communities, including how our members are contributing to that change
  • Innovation looks at up-and-coming technologies and trends that could shape the industry’s future
  • Member News highlights exciting news from our member companies
  • Industry News rounds up need-to-know information from all corners of the fiber industry

Optics is also a space for the Fiber Broadband Association to share the amazing things that our members do. We believe it’s important to highlight the vast experiences and expertise of our membership, and Optics gives us the unique opportunity to do so.

If you would like to contribute to Optics, please contact optics@fiberbroadband.org. For more information about contributing, please look at our Contributor Guidelines