Amazon and the IoT — Why Our Connected Future Needs Fiber

Amazon and the IoT — Why Our Connected Future Needs Fiber

December 04, 2019

Are you ready for Amazon Prime to land a drone in your backyard? As we learned at Fiber Connect 2019, this could be a reality — and sooner than you might think. On June 4, Amazon’s senior technical evangelist, Memo Döring, preached the good news of the tech giant’s culture of innovation to conference attendees and called on them to continue providing fiber pathways to fuel the growth of the IoT.

“Everything that I have done in my career has depended on the Internet,” Döring began. “Anything that I talk about today requires low-latency, high-speed Internet… Nothing about what I talk about is possible without reliable, stable connections to the Internet and fiber can provide that.”

And, as Döring explained, high-speed broadband has allowed Amazon to grow its offerings. Since 1994, Amazon has evolved into the major tech force it is today by consistently putting customers at the center of its business model.

“Our goal at Amazon is to be Earth's most customer-centric company,” Döring said. “This takes many shapes and forms: it can be offering the broadest selection of products, delivering your packages faster, and allowing you to experiment inside your company by minimizing risks.”

Out of its customer-centric perspective, the Seattle-based company has applied machine learning, voice assistant, and serverless computing to various industries. It has also provided an avenue for Amazon to lead in IoT innovation.

During the keynote, Döring delved into the latest Amazon is offering to its customers. Consumers can now save time and skip the cashier’s line at the company’s newest AmazonGo shops with the help of sophisticated technology that can detect when a product is off its shelf. Additionally, businesses have a full-proof way of guaranteeing their ink cartridges stay stocked: Amazon is rolling out printers that can order ink cartridges right to their front doors the moment the ink gets low.

Such innovations will change our lives in fundamental ways. However, it wouldn’t exist without the high-speed, high-capacity fiber networks to support the burgeoning Internet of Things. And the demand will only increase as Amazon and other companies continue to create innovative technology and applications. To support this, we need to continue to invest in fiber networks now. Our connected future is depending on it.


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