Clearfield CMO Morgan: Fiber Fuels 5G, Edge Computing
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Clearfield CMO Morgan: Fiber Fuels 5G, Edge Computing

June 10, 2019

Clearfield Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Morgan, who also serves as FBA chairman of the board, recently sat town with FierceTelecom to discuss how 5G will impact fiber roll-outs and the first edge compute use cases over the coming years. From Morgan:

"One of the things that I think often gets overlooked in the 5G discussions is the need to have a quality fiber-optic connection," Morgan said. "It's almost taken for granted these days that everyone knows how to build fiber-optic networks. If we look at the forecasts for connections in the next few years on all the small cells that are enabling 5G, it's going to require an enormous amount of fiber optics."

Read the full interview on FierceTelecom's website. 


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