Fiber Broadband Association Submits Letter to the Hill

Fiber Broadband Association Submits Letter to the Hill

March 06, 2020

On Friday, the Fiber Broadband Association submitted a letter to Sen. John Thune, chairman of the Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation, and the Internet,  on  the Telecommunications Skilled Workforce Act, which would further ensure the U.S. has a sufficient skilled workforce to deploy 5G networks. 

The letter, written by FBA CEO and President Lisa Youngers, reiterates testimony she gave to the subcommittee in January on 5G infrastructure. 

"As a result of this enormous demand for fiber infrastructure, communications service providers are ramping up their efforts to deploy fiber across the country," she wrote. "But, unfortunately, they are facing the same workforce constraints that are affecting entities putting up small cells. Without a pool of skilled personnel, too many providers and contractors deploying fiber infrastructure today have little choice but to delay, or even postpone indefinitely, their builds. To enable 5G and other services, we need a “fiber” workforce that, among other skills, can design and engineer a network, read blueprints, locate underground facilities, run heavy machinery, operate a bucket truck, and install, splice, and connect fiber in the field."

Read the full letter here.